7 Basic SEO Activities to Action

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7 Basic SEO Activities to Action Right Now

SEO refers to optimization for search engines, i.e.: the set of all those practices that serve to improve the visibility of a site on search engine results.

These optimization activities can be divided into:

  • SEO on-page (all those that can be carried out directly on the site at the level of structure, code or content);
  • SEO off-page (all those that can be carried out on elements external to the site).

There are more than 200 factors that may currently affect the ranking of a site and include not just page-level aspects (like meta tags, keyword density, duplicates, and content length), but also domain level (for example age and history of the domain) factors and other aspects regarding links (e.g.: quality of backlinks), interactions (e.g.: bounce rate), social signals (e.g.: number of likes), brand identity (e.g.: quotes and mentions) and special algorithm rules (e.g.: penalties, search journeys, and search intents).

We are not aware of exactly what these factors are and above all what weight Google gives to each of them. Furthermore, these factors are constantly changing. It is important to remember that SEO is a dynamic activity that evolves over time.

Let’s see seven tips that it is better to follow to optimize a web page for search engines.

1. We create short and optimized URLs

The URL is the unique address of each web page. It is the first element that Google takes into consideration for indexing a site, so it is important to create URLs that are SEO friendly.
To do this you need to:

  • > Create short URLs: if they are under 100 characters, they can have a competitive advantage within the search results;
  • > Use the main keyword: In fact, the first 3-5 words in a URL are the ones that receive the most rankings;
  • > Use lowercase letters: because uppercase letters can cause duplication problems.

2. We write a title optimized for both the user and the search engine

The title tag is an HTML code that specifies the title of a specific web page and is visible within the search engine results. It is the on-page SEO factor that most affects the page ranking and helps users understand the content of the site compared to the search query. Therefore, it is important that the titles are: unique, descriptive, and concise.

3. We take advantage of meta descriptions

The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a concise description of the content of the web page and is visible within the search engine results. This can affect the Click Through Rate (CTR) percentages, so it must be treated carefully.

4. We create a descriptive, relevant and optimized title

The title is the main header of the web page. It must, therefore, be unique, descriptive and representative of the content of the page.

5. We mark subtitles with tags

Well-structured text is easier to read. To structure a text correctly, you need to write an introduction that describes the question you want to talk about on the page and then divide the text into 3-5 logical sections, equipped with relative descriptive subtitles. The purpose of the tags is to communicate the hierarchical structure of the contents of the pages to Google.

6. We use multimedia to engage users

Multimedia content allows you to present information in a more engaging format than text. The use of relevant, educational, and quality video and infographic images within a web page allows you to reduce the bounce rate and at the same time increase the time spent by users on the site, increasing the probability that they will transform in customers.

7. We insert authoritative internal and external links

Internal links connect the most important pages of a website and represent a fundamental part of SEO optimization on-page since they favor the navigation of users and search engines. The outgoing links allow you to discover web pages related to ours and allow you to increase the search engine’s trust in the brand.

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