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JLS Landscapes

How Optimizing for Local Search Created a New Revenue Stream for a Landscaping Business.

The client is a leading and multi-awarded residential landscape architecture business with numerous landscaping projects around town and even the greater area. They offer a full range of landscaping services, including design, construction, and maintenance, and take on projects of all sizes.


    JDS Landscapes

  • DATE:

    October 31, 2017


    Local SEO Campaign

Our Objective

Although the client already had a website for several years prior to working with our agency, it wasn’t creating the impact on their business they knew it could. Traffic was appallingly low, generating an average of 60 visits a month, and rarely generating any actual sales.

The client knew that their website was the cornerstone of their online presence. Without a well-performing website,any subsequent digital marketing effort would be ineffective. The client approached us determined to capture a larger share of their local market and we were determined to help them do just that.


Because the client catered exclusively to customers in our area, we recommended a strategy of optimizing their website for local searches thereby driving relevant and highly-qualified traffic to their website.


Website Audit
The first step was to thoroughly audit their website. We integrated Google Analytics and Search Console with the client’s website – must-have tools if you want to track how your website performs.

We then assessed every aspect of their website (various on-page elements, the site architecture, website performance, and many others) and how it was performing.

We immediately noticed the website had several unoptimized URL’s, lacked certain navigational elements, like footer links, and had numerous pages with unoptimized meta descriptions and web copy.

Keyword Research and Mapping
We also began to identify the keywords that would be most beneficial to the client, specifically those that indicate a readiness-to-buy and any low-hanging fruit that we can immediately target. These keywords were grouped, then existing pages on the website were identified to build content around the keywords.

Our analysts then recommended the creation of new pages that target these keywords and we optimized the existing ones.


Before the campaign, their website was averaged 60 visits each month. By the end of month 1, their website had 1,601 website visits, 26x their previous monthly average.

By month 11, traffic hit an all-time high of 2,848 visits to the website for the month, 46x their previous monthly average.


Following an extensive website audit, rigorous keyword research, and an aggressive content strategy, we implemented methodology built to rank their website on the first page of the local search results for 3x more keywords than before the campaign.

This led to an increase in traffic by 26x the previous monthly average in only the first month of the campaign. By month 11, traffic had increased to 46x the previous monthly average.

This sharp increase in traffic generated more leads than the client could cater to. This led them to create a separate department that focused on an entirely new revenue stream: Commercial Landscaping Service.

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Bloemfontein Tours

How We Increased Organic Traffic by 300% in 6 Months

The client is a leading and multi-awarded residential landscape architecture business with numerous landscaping projects around town and even the greater area. They offer a full range of landscaping services, including design, construction, and maintenance, and take on projects of all sizes.


    Blomfontein Tours

  • DATE:

    June 12, 2017


    SEO Campaign

Our Objective

The website was getting traffic but not at the consistently high levels needed to sustain their business goals. Furthermore, though they were ranking for some of their target keywords, their main competitors were ranking higher.


The goals of our client were:

Improve traffic and maintain it.

Rank in the top three positions for their target keywords.

Drive more visits to relevant pages.


Upon analyzing our client’s existing properties, we found the following problems:

• Target keywords were directing the traffic to the homepage instead of relevant landing pages.
• Competitors have individual pages with good content ranking for the same set of keywords, while the client only has the homepage to rank the keywords.
• There was only one existing page that targets the keyword, but not enough links to establish contextual relevance—pages were linking to the homepage only.


Website Restructuring
The website structure lacks organization, which hinders the site from ranking for the target keywords.

This is how the initial site structure looks like:

The landing page targeting the keywords for whitewater rafting was too far down the site hierarchy, which explains why it was not getting traffic.

We proposed a new website structure to make the pages more organized and distribute equity from the homepage to the relevant landing pages. This provides a more logical and contextual connection among the pages.

Here is the new website structure:

Internal Linking

The inner pages relevant to the target keywords were losing traffic, as most of the keyword equity directs to the homepage. The new website structure establishes the connection among the landing pages to ensure the homepage does not cannibalize all the rankings for the target keywords.

The target keyword was used in both the homepage and the relevant landing page — long-tail variations on the homepage, and exact match keywords on the landing page

Website Content Creation and Improvement

The content on the homepage was improved to highlight the unique selling point of our client. Some of the existing content about whitewater rafting was transferred from the homepage to relevant landing pages to avoid losing rankings. Some parts of the content were re-written to avoid keyword stuffing.

New pages were also created to provide contextual support to the landing page with the target keyword.


From 2,500 monthly visitors to 8,000 monthly visitors, amounting to a growth of 300%. Over 800 keywords in the top 5 positions. 50 keywords are ranking on positions 1 to 3, including the target keyword.

By month 11, traffic hit an all-time high of 2,848 visits to the website for the month, 46x their previous monthly average.


Through website restructuring, content creation, inner linking, the client was able to rank for their target keywords and claim the top positions on search results.

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Driving Your Business to Online Success

Driving your business to online success with SEO

The client is a leading and multi-awarded residential landscape architecture business with numerous landscaping projects around town and even the greater area. They offer a full range of landscaping services, including design, construction, and maintenance, and take on projects of all sizes.


    Driving Online Success

  • DATE:

    August 24, 2017


    SEO Campaign


If you are looking to increase your customers, sales leads and clients, you will need to be as visible as possible to your potential customers.

Just how important is SEO?


Of online experiences begin with a search engine.


Search is still the 1 number driver of traffic to content sites.


Content marketing brings up to a 2000% increase in blog traffic and 40% increase in ROI.


Over 39% of customers today come from search.


75% of users never click past the first page of the search results.


70% of the links users click in the search results are organic.

We believe that SEO holds tremendous power to help change and grow businesses.

Through our five-phase methodology, we help maximize the potential of your website as a business tool, build your brand reputation and establish your name as the leader in your industry.



▪ We will understand your business, identify its market and find the competition.
▪ We will select keywords that are meant to drive relevant traffic to your site.
▪ We will find potential challenges to the marketing performance of your site.
▪ 90% of a campaign’s success relies on the proper selection of keywords.


▪ Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics of your site, we will create a Campaign Roadmap meant to match or beat the competition taking your website’s structure, code, and digital footprint distribution into consideration.

▪ We will work as a team with your business and organize activities that are meant to drive success to you in the shortest time possible.

▪ We report the work to you in real time and in some cases, require collaboration in order to achieve the best results for your campaign.


▪ We identify the technical elements of your website that can be improved to drive better traffic.

▪ We match the search phrases to the pages on your site and evaluate if your website sends the correct semantic signals to search engines regarding their value proposition, product or service.

▪ We create algorithmically appealing content while attempting to match your marketing language in order to penetrate search filters and reach your target audience.

▪ 70% of ranking success in small markets is attributed to on-page factors.


▪ We look into your digital footprint and build our campaign based on the referral information on the internet about your website.

▪ We balance out your anchor texts to create a natural and balanced off-page profile.

▪ We acquire inbound links to your site with our proprietary outreach program that acquires referral backlinks from unique publishers online, month after month.

▪ Backlinks still contribute to over 60% of rankings in search


▪ We provide you with real time reporting and collaboration through our proprietary user dashboard.

▪ Our dashboard integrates Google Analytics, Search Console and social media data to allow business owners a holistic view of the most important marketing data about their site and project progress on desktop, tablet or mobile.

▪ Generate reports and analysis online and in real time.

▪ Over 80% of ROI opportunity is found through analytics and periodic reporting.


Our pub was reasonably successful in attracting patrons after sport matches, or just for a meal and a drink or two. Our real goal was to become a real destination in our city. After implementing an effective SEO strategy geared towards our functions and events, our traffic increased 10 fold. This digital strategy really helped us stand out from the competition in our City and we were able to finally reach our target audience. – Donavin

Our industry is extremely competitive and we were looking for a way to reach as many new clients as we could. We decided to give SEO a try, although we were very unfamiliar with it. We decided to track where all our paid leads were coming. We trusted our new partner’s experience and advice and we were kept updated with regular reports on results and progress. After a couple of months, phone calls from prospective clients increased massively which directly affected our bottom line.Our return on investment over 6 months has been over 2000% and we are projecting an ongoing return for years to come.

We had a board we were reporting to and had produce a tangible ROI on their digital marketing investment. It took about 3 months for the traffic to take a significant turn upwards and we started to receive a stiff increase in our lead volume. We were easily able to secure a higher SEO investment from the board, based on impressive results. My confidence grew with every presentation as I had good news to report every month. Our problem now, is fulfilling the high volume of investment opportunities we created. – Paul

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