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Our world is full of people who are constantly on the go. Moving from one location to the other. With numerous distractions pulling their attention in all different directions. The same can be said about how we use the internet- social media to be more specific. We check our phones often, but usually at a fast pace. Scrolling quickly to see if anything happens to be interesting or beneficial to our lives. 


If you’re a business owner, this presents a challenge. Of course, you want to get your posts seen and read thoroughly. But by simply posting something, you can’t be sure it will be fully received by your audience. Although, your odds are much better with posts that stand out and are visually striking. Here are a few tips to help get your posts noticed:


Use Images


“A picture is worth a thousand words” as they say. Images have a unique way of capturing attention and giving depth to the content it accompanies. They’re also useful for provoking certain emotions or feelings. If your business is in tourism, you might want to feature images of someone lounging on a boat surrounded by crystal clear waters and cliffsides. This type of image is going to stand out to your target audience- people who love travel. And not only that, but it will stir up the feeling of, I want that!

For professional, high-quality images you can use a website like Unsplash. The images are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. There are over 2 million photos to choose from, plus it’s quick and uncomplicated. 


Incorporate Your Brand Image


It’s important to develop your brand’s identity, so your audience develops a recognition for it. This will in turn help build familiarity and trust. In order to do this, you should have a uniform look for all of the content you put out. And having your logo attached to every piece of your content will also create a strong association with your brand. 


First, you should choose an icon you feel is a representative symbol for your brand. If you’re a florist, maybe a beautiful bouquet of flowers would be your icon. For finding a symbol for your logo, Vectr offers free vector art downloads. 


Next, you can use your new icon in your logo design. A free tool for creating this is Logocreator. This process is also very quick and easy to use and allows you to upload your new icon of choice.  


Use Graphic Design


With the use of design tools, your posts surely can’t be missed! Play with colors, patterns, fonts, images, and more to give your posts an exciting look. 


Even if you don’t have experience with graphic design and the whole thing seems intimidating to you, there’s a shortcut. For instance, Crello is a free design tool that offers pre-made templates for you to work off of. It makes the process of choosing layout and composition much easier. Once you select a template of your liking, you have the flexibility to customize color, font, and images to go with your brand’s unique look. 


Create Videos


Sharing videos is undoubtedly a trend with social media that’s on the rise. Have you been hearing a lot about TikTok? This is for a good reason. Videos are easy to digest and give a personal touch. 


You can create your own videos for your audience with the use of Vimeo. This is free to use for up to 500 MB of storage per month. Share something such as a behind the scenes look at your business. This is a powerful way of building trust and authority. 


To conclude:

It doesn’t take much to turn boring into exciting with the use of visuals. And you shouldn’t have to pull out your wallet to achieve this. Put an end to the mediocre content that people scroll right past. Use these free tools to get your posts looking top-notch!


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