Local SEO Services Overview

Local SEO Services Overview


Every business that operates both offline and online must know the important role that Local SEO Services play. An SEO friendly website allows search engines to explore and read the site’s pages with ease. Search engines use web crawlers for this purpose. Building an SEO friendly website requires that the web designer plan carefully and have a structured approach to better represent your business and the services you provide. Integrating SEO into your website should be done as early as the design stage or when you are thinking about redesigning your website.


The added benefit of SEO for your website is that it can make you rank higher in search engine results, and the higher you are ranked, the higher your click-through rates would become – attracting more and more customers to your business. In fact, working with a local SEO service is so critical to online businesses that even Google recommends it to dramatically increase your website’s profit margins.


If done poorly, however, setting up local SEO can be a bane to your business. Building an SEO friendly website requires careful and strict guidelines that can only be performed well by people who specialize in the service. E.D Digital, a company that offers local SEO services, will help you establish a website that is SEO friendly and performs very well in search engine rankings. Taking up our services will leave you satisfied with the traffic and profit margins you’ll be able to generate.


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is simply the implementation of strategies that help you rank higher on search engine results in certain local markets, markets where your targeted customers are. The techniques used by E.D Digital range from claiming local directory listings, building local citations, and on-page optimization.


The effect of local SEO services can best be seen on websites with poorly structured domains, subdomains, and protocols. Even if the website has the best content among the 300 websites in search results, for example, if it is not structured properly, Google’s Algorithm will rank it low since the search engine cannot crawl the pages properly.


A Local Marketing Agency like E.D Digital can optimize your pages by structuring them properly, so that Google’s Algorithm can crawl your amazing content, thereby giving your site a higher ranking on search results. A well-structured website makes for a good browsing experience, and this may entice your site visitors to return to your site in the future, potentially gaining additional revenue for the company.


It has been proven that SEO is a critical aspect of marketing for businesses with physical locations like restaurants, retail stores, bars, shopping malls, hardware stores, etc. Local SEO services do this by placing your search result ranking higher on the list, so when a customer looks on Google Maps for “the nearest restaurant,” they would instantly see your restaurant at the top of the search results, giving a high probability that the customer will visit it. A customer, most of the time, acts on the first thing they see and with local SEO, your restaurant may be placed among the top of the search results.


This is the same thing that happens in-store shelves. Brands fight among themselves to obtain the “eye-level” shelf, or the level that the customer sees the moment they glance at the shelf without looking down or up. Since the customer usually buys the first thing they see, being first in line trumps every other marketing strategy when it comes to garnering sales. Local SEO services do the placement for you, implementing strategies that make you become first in line and on a consistent basis.




Why Start Now?

Ever wonder why some websites prosper while others fade into the sea of search results? Because that is exactly why they become successful. Those businesses are aware of the power of local SEO. The fight for the top spot in search results either means success or bankruptcy for most businesses. A small business with an SEO friendly website can grow steadily within a matter of months or a few years. Businesses with websites optimized for a local market can expect a good amount of company growth and increased profit margins.


Since people search online every day, the effects of having a local SEO service can be easily felt by the company, and in a dramatic way. Starting now would easily grant your websites and its subdomain access to unprecedented traffic with the added benefit of structuring your website properly.

Here are more reasons that should compel you to start optimizing your website for your local market now:


It still works.

Despite the many changes that search engine algorithms have undergone in recent years, the techniques that worked before are still sound. The key to getting rewarded with organic traffic and higher ranking is to focus on providing optimal user experience. SEO will remain relevant even in the years to come, and starting now would allow you to take advantage of the benefits as early as possible.


It is cost-effective.

SEO costs lower and offers comparatively better ROI than other types of online marketing techniques like social media marketing, PPC advertising, and buying leads for email marketing campaigns. While social media may be more effective for boosting your image and PPC may deliver more revenues, organic SEO is still a pillar of your presence online.


Search engines grab a bigger share of the market.

Studies reveal that around 80 to 90% of customers check reviews online before buying. The number continues to rise, and it is not expected to take a long time before practically everyone searches for services and products online. Thus, you have to act now. Definitely, you want your potential customers to easily locate your business. With organic SEO properly set up, your potential customers will have no difficulty in finding you. Otherwise, they may find it easier to locate your competitors.


There is a current rise in local search optimization and mobile bandwidth.

In the very near future, it is expected that the amount of traffic driven to mobile devices will exceed delivery to conventional desktop devices. With the astounding increase in mobile usage, a lot of new SEO techniques like local search optimization have been made available for businesses.


The absence of a meaty content profile can damage your business.

Google and other major search engines alter the way they view websites with each update to their search algorithm. A lot of factors that were non-existent in years past like social media indicators now have a big impact on your search rankings. If you don’t build a healthy content profile over months and years can be potentially harmful to your business because it is among the factors that Google evaluates when checking out your website.


Your competitors are on it.

SEO is a continuing process. If you don’t keep your site updated, you may find yourself behind your competitors who are doing it. Do not give the competition a decided edge by ignoring this very important tool for businesses today.


To sum everything up, it is important to invest in organic SEO now in the face of the difficulty that everyone encounters today with the lack of organic traffic and keyword data. If you want to succeed in your online marketing efforts, you definitely need an effective SEO strategy in place. After all, it is still among the most vital components of your company’s online presence and branding efforts.


Our Local SEO Services

Some businesses might say that “we’re doing well with our sales so we don’t need SEO”. Don’t get too confident. Google, as a company and a search engine, continues to revise its local search results. If a certain product is at the top of a search result because it received good customer presence through conventional advertisements, it might not last long since Google’s revision constantly changes the rankings. Google does this because they want to give users what they want in the search results and when they want it so that the services Google offers give better convenience to the users.


Nothing short of a local SEO service can change this trend of revisions. Google is always improving the amount of algorithmic weight they put on the local search listings and even Google Maps. Over time, these trends will only increase. Only local SEO services like the one we provide can address these trends and prepare your business for the future. Without a local SEO service provider, you risk losing your business by neglecting a core fundamental of online marketing.


Another thing when thinking about SEOs is the advent of Google Maps into the mix. SEO these days isn’t as simple as structuring and optimizing keywords as it was done in the past. With the addition of Map, it is critical that Google’s local search listings are properly optimized so that your site and its subdomains gain an advantage not only in basic search results but also in Google Map search results.


If you need to optimize your business’ local listing search results and boost it to as near the top as possible but are not sure about how to do it, E.D Digital would be happy to provide you with the local SEO services you need. We have proven strategies to improve your site and Google Place account for Google’s local search. These strategies have been time-tested and attested to by many customers who are satisfied by the work we have done.


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